Chana Svensson, Co-founder & CEO of MindDig are coming to Bünsow!

Chana Svenssonis a lawyer and entrepreneur from the U.S., who co-founded MindDig with Markus Gustafsson, a Luleå native, investor, and entrepreneur. Prior to moving to Sweden in 2020 and starting MindDig, Chana co-founded Soilcea, an agriculture technology startup in the U.S., focused on developing transformative agriculture products utilizing cutting-edge genetic manipulation techniques, including CRISPR. Before starting Soilcea, Chana practiced antitrust law in Washington, D.C.
MindDig is a talent attraction and recruitment platform launched in northern Sweden, aimed at bringing the best and brightest minds to to the Swedish Arctic to help game changing companies of the region decarbonize multiple industrial processes, from steel, to mining, to batteries. MindDig is revolutionizing the way companies and cities recruit talent, by enabling collaborative recruiting to happen seamlessly and at scale. The digital platform is currently utilized by Northvolt, H2 Green Steel, Skanska, LKAB, SSAB, Boliden, Luleå, Boden, Skellefteå, Umeå and numerous other companies and cities doing their part to decarbonize multiple industrial sectors simultaneously to help us save the planet!