Madelén Falkenhäll from Swedbank is coming to Unga Bünsow!

Madelén Falkenhäll, Sustainability Economist at Swedbank

Madelén Falkenhäll works with public education at the Institute for Financial Health at Swedbank, in areas such as financial health, savings, pensions and gender equality. Madelén has been working in the field of public education for more than ten years, but before that she had many years of experience at the Ministry of Finance.

When people are in control of their finances and know how to influence them, they can also take control of their situation and increase their security and freedom. This is something that benefits individuals, but also society at large. If more people become financially healthy – with balanced everyday finances, a savings buffer for unexpected expenses, savings for retirement, insurance to protect their personal finances, a manageable level of debt and sufficient personal finance knowledge – they are more likely to be able to live the life they want. It also reduces vulnerability, both to changes in the economy and to unexpected or unwanted events in life.

At a time when individual responsibility is high, we want our public education work to help more people get a better grip on their finances and be able to make wise decisions about them, which is why we are proud to present Madelén as one of our speakers at Unga Bünsow.