Questions & answers

Questions & answers

  • Who is behind the Bünsow Business Growth Forum?

    On October 24, 2019, the first edition of the Bünsow Business Growth Forum took place. The founder of Åre Business Forum, Bengt-Göran Persson, together with Sparbanksstiftelsen, Swedbank and Mid Sweden University, is the initiator of the day.

  • Why is it called Bünsow Business Growth Forum?

    The forum was named after super-entrepreneur Fredrik Bünsow, who immigrated from Germany to Sweden at the age of 21. He started his career as a bookshop assistant for Albert Bonnier and then inherited a timber company in Sundsvall in 1847, whereupon he quickly realized the potential of the steam saw. Through wise and bold investments, he built a timber empire that made him the second richest man in the country, after Alfred Nobel. The patron’s life’s work was created with courage and innovation in the midst of an industrial revolution. Fredrik Bünsow is known today as one of the most wealthy Swedish businessmen of the 19th century.

  • What is the purpose of the Bünsow Business Growth Forum?

    Bünsow Business Growth Forum will be an important national growth arena with the aim of creating growth and interest in our region and Northern Sweden. It is a unique arena focused on confidence, attraction and growth. An arena where decision-makers from different industries, innovators, entrepreneurs, key people from business, the public sector and politics have the opportunity to meet. Lectures, talks, discussions and activities combine to create an interesting program that paves the way for new thinking and new business.

  • Who is taking part in Bünsow?

    Bünsow Business Growth Forum is an arena and meeting place for decision-makers from different industries, innovators, entrepreneurs, key people from business, public sector and politics.

  • How do I buy tickets to Bünsow?

    Tickets for Bünsow are released via the website on the specified date each year. If it is sold out, you can sign up for a waiting list.

  • How can I follow Bünsow on social media?

    You can find us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook where we are called Bünsow Business Growth Forum.

  • Can I give my ticket to someone else?

    It is going well. Send an email with information about the name change to Congresso at
    . Don’t forget to include the name + company of the new person and any food preferences.

  • Do I need to know the names of all participants when buying tickets?

    No, you don’t have to. If you don’t know who you will invite, just write your company name and guest 1, company name guest 2, guest 3, etc. Please note that we need your guests’ names and companies at least 7 days before the event.

  • Do you have an invitation card that I can send to my customers?

    Yes, you will receive a pdf that you can send along when you invite your customers. The invitation will include practical information and references to the website for more information.

  • How do I get my ticket?

    You will only receive a digital ticket and will be checked off when you arrive at the event.

  • How is payment for tickets made?

    Payment for tickets is made by invoice.

  • Is there a specific dress code for the dinner?

    The Bünsow Business Growth Forum is an important and special day. A day to celebrate entrepreneurship and our shared successes. We would like you to come dressed for the dinner, which may mean a jacket or suit and a party dress / party pants, but the important thing is of course that you feel comfortable, so wear what suits you.

  • Can I sit with my guests at dinner?

    Of course, you can sit with your guests. In the registration form, indicate whether your company (and your guests) would like to sit together during the dinner or whether you would like to split up and sit with other guests. One of the purposes of the Bünsow Business Growth Forum is to create new meetings and new business, so we are of course happy for you to split your party, but it is entirely up to you and your goal of participation.

  • Can I sit with my guests during the day?

    Yes, during the day you are free to sit anywhere in the audience.

  • My company is interested in being a sponsor of Bünsow, where do I contact?

    Please contact Maria Åslin, Project Manager of the Bünsow Business Growth Forum.


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