Unga Bünsow

Unga Bünsow

See you on October 8th at Sundsvall City Hall!

The most important missing piece of the puzzle for our region to grow is that companies and organizations manage to hire the right skills – where economists and engineers at Mid Sweden University are an important target group. During Unga Bünsow, students and participating organizations can take part in an interesting program with external lecturers and regional company representatives who tell more about their journey and the job opportunities in Västernorrland and the Sundsvall region. The purpose of the day is to give the future workforce a stronger image of the region as a place to live and work. Unga Bünsow is a meeting place where concrete contacts and collaborations are made in the form of graduate jobs, internships, trainee positions, mentoring and employment.

Unga Bünsow

This year's theme: Northern Sweden on the global stage

  • During this year’s Young Bünsow, we show the work opportunities with our fantastic employers in Västernorrland and the Sundsvall region. Organizations at the forefront of technology, green transition and quality of life. This year’s theme shows how you can enter the job market in the region with international clients, contacts and job opportunities. Employers are more prepared than ever with concrete job offers that span different sectors. Discover how you can launch your global career from the region, combine international success with quality of life and become part of something bigger in the heart of Sweden.

    See you at Unga Bünsow on October 8 in Sundsvall City Hall!

Which employers participated last year?

    • Etteplan
    • Swedbank
    • Ernst & Young
    • ABB
    • Eurocon
    • Poolia
    • Academic Work
    • Timrå municipality
    • SEB
    • Diös
    • Permascand
    • Performing arts Västernorrland
    • AFRY
    • Nordea
    • Commercial banks
    • Picea Barley
    • Nordic Road Safety
    • Swedish Companies Registration Office
    • PWC
    • GB- Engineering and industrial goods
    • SCA
    • Härnösand municipality
    • Nouryon
    • Bosch Rexroth
    • SSG
    • Municipality of Sundsvall
    • Valmet
    • IKEA
    • Business Development Center
    • Middle East
    • SWECO
    • Deloitte
    • Atea

Incredibly well planned by you, the time frame for everything was incredibly structured and professionally done. Not too long, not too short.

– Participating student


Thank you for a very professional, warm and inclusive event. Has called for collaboration between business, public sector and Mid Sweden University for a long time and believe that this is the starting point!

– Participating employers

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