Said about Bünsow

Josefin Nilsson, Region Västernorrland

Interview with Josefin Nilsson coordinator and project manager at Region Västernorrland who are Principal partners of Bünsow Business Growth Forum

How does your involvement in the Bünsow Business Growth Forum contribute to creating attractiveness in Västernorrland?

– The Bünsow Business Growth Forum is an important platform for networking and knowledge exchange, both within and beyond the county’s borders. We are involved in the forum because it helps to increase the visibility and attractiveness of Västernorrland as a place to live, visit and work.

How are you working to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the region?

– What many people probably know is that Region Västernorrland offers various business support and project support to promote sustainable regional development and growth. In recent years, we have also built up a strong business promotion system in Västernorrland, which has been made possible through collaboration between a number of different actors. Co-operation with universities and research institutes is another important part of creating a strong innovation environment. This work is central to developing areas of strength through smart specialisation and to ensuring that Västernorrland is a place where businesses and organizations choose to grow.

What initiatives are you running to help put Västernorrland on the map both nationally and internationally?

– Together with the county’s municipalities and other regions in northern Sweden, we are working intensively to increase understanding and commitment to the societal transition that is currently underway throughout northern Sweden, and not least in Västernorrland. 100-120 billion will be invested in the county in the coming years. Related to this, we have, among other things, been involved in organising five seminars during Almedalen this year to point out measures needed to meet both challenges and opportunities. “Coordinated advocacy at national and international level” is a priority in Västernorrland’s Regional Development Strategy, so we are putting a lot of effort into putting Västernorrland on the map.

What are you most looking forward to for this year’s Forum?

– The mix of useful networking and interesting speakers of high-class is hard to beat!