Said about Bünsow

Åsa Willén, Handelsbanken

Interview with Åsa Willén from Handelsbanken, partner of the Bünsow Business Growth Forum.

Why is the Bünsow Business Growth Forum an important event for you to participate in?

– Bünsow provides inspiration and knowledge updates on current topics through inspiring and thought-provoking speakers. The Forum also highlights the local perspective that is difficult to obtain at other events.

What factors do you think are important to promote and stimulate growth?

– Collaboration between authorities and businesses with simple and fast decision-making processes. There must be clear rules of the game between different parties to contribute to dynamic growth across the region. Working strategically to secure the supply of skills is also an important factor.

What do you think about this year’s Bünsow theme “Green opportunities in Northern Sweden?”?

– This is a very hot topic, and our real assets in Northern Sweden are an important part of the solution on the path to a circular economy. It is timely for all companies to reflect on their role and contribution.

Do you feel any uncertainty among your customers due to the current world situation and the war in Ukraine?

– We sense a certain wait-and-see attitude where people want to see what happens. In particular, rapid changes in commodity prices are difficult to monitor. Rising inflation also has an impact, given changes in purchasing power etc.

What is your main message to your customers who want to grow?

– Having a clear purpose and goal for growth. Ensure sufficient internal resources in terms of skills and manpower. Seek outside advice to get a second set of eyes on the opportunities and threats that will arise from expansion.