Said about Bünsow

Martin Roos, Bolagsverket

Interview with Martin Roos from Bolagsverket who is a Partner of Unga Bünsow

What was it that made Bolagsverket choose to become a Partner of Unga Bünsow?

– An important part of the Bolagverket’s skills supply is to work with talent in industries where it is currently difficult to find skills.
We have therefore created the Bolagsverksakademin, which brings together various initiatives on the theme: degree projects, internships, trainee positions, summer jobs and that we as an employer are visible where the talents are!

Hopefully we can make a clear contribution to keeping students in the region even after they graduate. When working to make a difference on issues like these, it is best to work together and Unga Bünsow enables and facilitates such collaboration!

What is your view of the current labor market situation for students studying business and engineering in the Sundsvall region?

– Dream scenario!s These students are needed and will be in demand when they graduate!

How can interested students apply for work opportunities such as internships and thesis work with you at Bolagsverket?

– On you can find the link Work with us with information on all this!