Said about Bünsow

Malin Liljeros, Academic Work

Interview with Malin Liljeros from Academic Work who are Official Partners to Unga Bünsow

What was it that made Academic Work choose to become an Official Partner of Unga Bünsow?

– We see this as one of the most important issues we have in this region and it was therefore natural to be an official partner, this is a very important initiative! We want to help make more people realize how great career opportunities there are in Västernorrland. Unga Bünsow is a great initiative to bring the business community and students closer together and we see that we, as a career partner for the target group of students and young working life, want to highlight how many exciting and developing positions we have in the local area. You don’t have to move to Stockholm to pursue a career with the big companies, you can make the same journey here. Västernorrland is a region where a lot is happening, and will happen, in the labor market and we see how important it is for more people to stay, and move here, to curb the skills shortage that prevails in our labor market.

What do you see as the main benefits and opportunities of your partnership, and how do you think it can benefit both you and the students?

– We see great value for both students and us in contributing and being part of the collaboration as it is our main target group and as we have an active and ongoing dialog with students at Mid Sweden University as well as with customers who are eager and open to receive them. Young professionals, students, are a great asset in the labor market both in terms of bringing in new perspectives and ambition. In addition, we see that Unga Bünsow is an important event to raise awareness and visibility of the job opportunities available in the region, as we know that students feel that it is currently lacking. We believe we can help by talking about the different job opportunities we have for students, both during and after their studies, as well as sharing tips that are important when looking for a job.

At Academic Work you apply the concept of “Young Professionals” for students, could you tell us more about it?

– For us, young professionals means that you are relatively young in your career and it has absolutely nothing to do with age. We want to be a career partner for all those studying at the University, just as we want to help people who want to change careers and try something new. We believe that ambition, the ability to learn new things and flexibility are important keys to building successful businesses. Furthermore, we see that those who dare to invest in open-minded recruitment with a focus on people’s abilities will solve their skills supply in a better way in the long run. Students are therefore an incredibly important target group for us, we want to be the bridge into working life after studies and know how much they have to contribute to their future employers. For those students who want and are able to, we also offer attractive jobs already during their studies, which is a perfect way to expand your CV and get great references, while supplementing your student fund. We also offer CV review, interview training, and events for Mid Sweden University students.